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Archive for June, 2013


Tom’s diary day 12 – Silicone fun

Tom’s diary day 12 – Silicone fun

I cast up a few of our new appliances yesterday in a “OO” silicone. It’s great stuff and I have to say that I really like the way the moulds have worked out. It is going to take a bit of time to streamline the hands on process of casting the pieces but the way they are coming out is making me smile. The rubber is nice and soft/stretchy without being sticky. The edges are quite thin without being too fragile and should do well for repeated application, removal and cleaning and the detail is fantastic.

Today I’ve been sculpting a silicone mouth appliance to go with our first silicone zombie brow. I’m working hard to get some nasty looking stuff going on with it and so far I feel like I’m winning! I simply cant wait to get these pieces applied and painted up. Ideas for the video(s) that will accompany our new line are taking shape as well. I had better get my narration voice warmed up!



Tom’s diary day 11 – No clever title…I love irony…Wait!…I have one…., nope, it’s gone.

Finished off the sculpture for the silicone zombie bite prosthetic. I really like how this one has come out. I wanted to get some undeniable teeth marks in it and I think I’ve managed that. I feel kind of sadistic when I do nasty pieces like this, I enjoy it too much.

Almost finished with the silicone zombie forehead mould. Really liking the new materials I have picked out.

What has really ****ed me off is that I can’t find one of my favourite sculpture tools! I get very near OCD when I lose something, it haunts me and I look in the most impossible places for it, the fact that I really wanted to use that tool today made it worse. If I can’t find it soon I’m going to have to stop everything I’m doing and make myself a new one or else I won’t be able to concentrate. Does that make me a bad person? Does it?




Tom’s diary day 10 – Bag open…cats everywhere!

Tom’s diary day 10 – Bag open…cats everywhere!

The secret is out.

I have been sculpting some zombie pieces for the first in a new line of silicone prosthetics!


That’s right, silicone. We have had such a big call for seriously robust, reusable prosthetics that we have gone for the most reusable material we could think of that will give most all of the same benefits of our gelatine pieces. We are also selling Snappy G adhesive to stick these “Muthas” on with. The adhesive holds very, VERY well and can be cleaned off of the appliances so they are ready for another application, and another, and another… The edges won’t be as feathered as the gelatine ones but they will be thin and strong enough to withstand many applications… so long as you aren’t Edward Scissorhands!  The silicone takes our Pro Palette and our Perfect Palette colours really well and they too can be cleaned off for the next application. If you were so inclined you could even paint these beauties with silicone paints for a permanent make up job on the appliance and all you have to do is blend your skin to match with make up… see… told you it was cool!

I am sooooo excited about this new approach and I have been putting a LOT into the new sculpts, just as much as with our gelatine appliances. I’m hoping to have the first piece ready within a couple of weeks for application.


Tom’s diary day 9 – Sculpty-sculpt!

Well, that’s the roughs finished and transferred to their final casts. I have a LOAD of detail to add now. This is another exciting stage as the skin texture and micro details make these things jump to life….such as it is with something not quite dead! I’ve got another set of appliances for this new product line underway as well…simply not enough hands to sculpt with! What’s more we had an informal meeting last night and my development list is growing day by day.

Another “Survivor ” mask turned out today. The Fusefx paints call me.

Looking forward to Lea Moore joining us, he is going to bring great things to the Nimba team!


Tom’s diary day 8 – Sir, yes SIR!!!

Tom’s diary day 8 – Sir, yes SIR!!!


What does it mean when in your dream you are removing a prosthetic from former American president Richard Nixon and, when he goes to help he dips a cotton swab into a container of remover and starts using it he looks up and says…

“I think this is sheep dip.”

Go on, imagine dreaming that! Needless to say I woke up laughing out loud!




Tom’s diary day 7 – OUCH!

Pretty much sanded through my fingernail with a high-speed sanding disk today…it hurt…a lot. Try not to do this if you can avoid it.
Sculpting the “new”, new appliance today. Really starting to get into the groove with it. I feel happy with the illusion of the anatomy, I think this is going to be a wicked piece!

Tom’s diary day 6 – Ch-ch-ch-changes

Spent a bit more time today sourcing some new materials. This is my kind of window shopping!
I have decided to change direction a bit with part of the new prosthetics. These things always go through a couple of phases once clay hits the life cast. This piece is no exception. Part of me hates tearing clay off a life cast after so much work but I’m always glad I did once the dust settles. This is part of the heavy burden I must heroically bear… (you may now roll your eyes).

Tom’s diary day 5 – Blinkin’….Ok, I called it that just for the rhyme…

Woo Hoo! I’m off and running with sculpting again today! I’m making two pieces, an upper and a lower face. These will work perfectly together or can be used individually.  That’s all I’m allowed to say now, the REAL news will be announced soon I suspect.


Starting to piece together some ideas for our upcoming Dublin Comic Con. Going to do a number of demos, have a few great prezzies to bestow upon a few people and will also have some product to sell there. I’m looking forward to the event, meeting fellow creatives is always a good time.

Tom’s diary day 5 -Thinkin’

Tom’s diary day 5  -Thinkin’

I having been thinking about my approach to creating characters and what that little voice is all about that makes me decide directions to go in when I’m sculpting prosthetics. It’s kind of like trying to describe a smell but I think it’s worth trying.

A long time ago I found myself, in the case of things like zombies or wounds, concentrating on the wound details. It’s very easy to become lost in the technicalities and micro manage these features and think that these types of things bring character to a piece. I find myself now “feeling” the personality of these faces coming through. I ask myself, “does the layout of this face make me feel like the character should feel? Does the balance, shape and angle of the overall features support each other and create an emotive feeling?” I know that sounds artsy-fartsy but that’s the way it is. Going for a gaping wound with exposed bone and torn muscle to get a relation is too easy. Getting a “Oooooo, that’s just ‘wrong” reaction, a truly engaged and empathetic reaction is MUCH more difficult and a hugely desirable goal. As weird as it sounds, and I know it does, the sculpture had to genuinely “speak to you” on an emotional level….even if its a wound or an outlandish character like a zombie. It may even be MORE important that these types of creations have that going for them or else you might find they just don’t shake people up in a deep seated way…and THAT’S what we are always aiming for. Just effecting a “big change” with someone’s face or making a bloody wound with wiggly bits dangling from it is, I feel, short of the mark. You gotta make ’em FEEL it!


Tom’s diary day 4 -Linkin’