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5 Great Gifts for SFX Makeup Enthusiasts (with discount codes!)

A lot of people think SFX Makeup is an unusual pastime, but there are thousands of people out there obsessed with turning their friends (and themselves) into monsters, demons, and wound covered victims. It can be difficult to know what to buy these talented types for birthday and Christmas presents to fuel their passion because to outsiders, it can be tough to gauge the level of complexity the FX artist in their life is comfortable with.

We’ve compiled a list of kits that make fantastic gifts that will work for everyone with an interest in special effects makeup, from beginners to experts. We’ve even included exclusive discount codes valid until December 20th 2016, so you can bag the perfect present at a great price!

1. SkinWizard Instant Burn FX System

FX Burn Gels
Our Skin Wizard kit is an ideal way to create direct application wounds

The SkinWizard Instant Burn FX System is a kit comprising of 3 coloured gels to create third degree burn FX directly on the skin. It’s great for artists at any level as beginners have the chance to experiment with the product on themselves or others to create varying sizes of effects and begin to understand the principals of building up makeup in layers to create one dramatic look.

Experienced artists will enjoy having this kit handy in their makeup box to create ‘on-the-fly’ effects quickly and easily with no preparation time needed.

The kit comes with full written instructions plus blender, FX blood, paint and wooden spatulas so you have everything you need right out of the box.

Link: SkinWizard Instant Burn FX System
Price before discount: £39.99
20% off discount code: skiwi20%off

2. Pro Haunt Zombie Kit with DVD Guide

Pro Haunt Kit
The Pro Haunt Kit is great for anyone needing reusable zombie prosthetics

The Pro haunt Zombie Kit was designed for use in haunted houses or for anyone who wants to get multiple uses out of their prosthetics, but lots of beginners enjoy this as it allows them to practise and perfect their application techniques many times over.

As well as including prosthetics, blood, paint, adhesive and brushes, the kit also comes with a tutorial DVD to guide the artist through all the processes needed to get great results through 9 videos. Everything is housed in a durable makeup box (with room for the artist to add their personal kit) complete with a steel mirror.

The only product not included is 99% alcohol (for activating paint and cleaning brushes) but this is cheap and widely available online – we recommend Amazon. It’s also available in local pharmacies. Watch the video below to see the kit in use.

Link: Pro Haunt Zombie Kit with DVD Guide
Price before discount: £169.99
£20 off discount code: prohaunt20off

3. Complete FX Makeup Artist Kit

If the artist you are buying for is producing their own prosthetics, this makes an ideal gift. The pro quality makeup palette, blood, adhesive, blender, adhesive remover and makeup sealer in this pack are great for FX artists at any level – you can never have too many materials in your makeup box and they can be pricey to replace, so the contents of this economical kit is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face!

FX Kit
Our Complete FX Makeup Artist Kit has all the materials you need for a full prosthetic application

Link: Complete FX Makeup Artist Kit
Price before discount: £49.99
15% off discount code: fxkit15%off

4. Toms Makeup Kit & DVD Guide

Makeup Kit
If you’re going to apply a lot of prosthetics, you need a well stocked kit

Who is Tom and why will your loved one want his makeup kit? Tom is the owner of Nimba Creations and the designer and sculptor of all of the prosthetics you see in our store. This collection was compiled by him to replicate the kit he has on standby when he’s on set for any last minute additions and fix ups that may be needed.

As well as a makeup palette, blood, blender, makeup sealer, adhesive and adhesive remover, the kit contains brushes, tweezers, makeup sponges, wooden spatulas, a metal sculpting tool and a whole stack of other tools and materials to tackle any makeup application job. Also included is the Ultimate Zombie Makeup FX Guide DVD packed full of application and painting tips.

To finish up this mega-kit, there are a staggering 62 pre-made gelatine prosthetics thrown in, from small bullet wounds to zombie style torn face appliances. Any FX artist will be thrilled to unwrap this SFX makeup bonanza on Christmas day!

Link: Toms Makeup Kit & DVD Guide
Price before discount: £299.90
£25 off discount code: tomskit25off

5. Nimba Creations Gift Voucher


Still unsure of what to buy? Our gift vouchers are the perfect solution. Sold in £10 units and redeemable against everything in our store, you can allow your FX makeup obsessive to go on a shopping spree they will love.

Link: Nimba Creations Gift Voucher
Price: £10 each

You can visit our online shop to see the full selection of prosthetics and FX materials at that are available to get the ideal gift for any makeup artist!

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