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5 Kick Ass Halloween Decorations We Need This Year

Halloween is a fantastic excuse to decorate your house with all manner of weird and wonderful things. When else can you get away with hanging skeletons in your living room or planting gravestones in your front garden? Here are the top 5 decorations that beat plastic bats, spiders and cobwebs hands down.

Halloween Advent Calendar

We’ve seen variations on the Halloween Advent Calendar and there are certainly cheaper versions out there, but how can you resist this awesome work of art? This handmade haunted house is even illuminated to make sure it still makes an impact even in the dark, and we absolutely love it.

Halloween Advent Calendar
The Halloween Advent Calendar is a work of art

Available on Halloween Advent House

Laser Cut Foam Pumpkins

Carved pumpkins are a staple of Halloween decorating, and although they can be fun to make it can be time consuming, messy and of course, they will rot. These foam pumpkins save all the hassle and are reusable, and the laser cut design is pin sharp. The only drawback is that you won’t have any pumpkin left over for pie.

Foam Pumpkin
The laser cut foam pumpkin is a great alternative to the real thing

Available from purpleinkgraphics

Head in a Jar

This is a DIY project, not too difficult but a great effect – put your own head in a jar! Using one photograph and an old fashioned style jar, you can really freak people out at your party. Find out how to make your own on Instructables.

Halloween Head in a Jar
The head in a jar is very simple but extremely creepy

Halloween Projections

If you want to add and an extra dimension to your house at Halloween, these brilliant projections are a must have. All you need is the DVD and a TV (or even better, a projector) to make ghostly apparitions appear out of the blue.

Floating Candles

Whether you are dressing up your house for Halloween or having a Harry Potter themed dinner, these floating candles are going to look fantastic at your party (just don’t get them near any paper decorations!)

Floating Candles
These floating candles are the perfect finishing touch to a haunted house

Available from Made In Design

If you are looking for an extra gruesome Halloween prop you can also check out our Zombie Head Model Kit, and take a look through our selection of prosthetics to make sure your look is just as amazing as your haunted house this Halloween.

Zombie Head Model Kit
Our Zombie Head Model Kit is gruesome, but effective

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