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Complete List of Products for Applying Prosthetics

If you are applying our gelatine or silicone prosthetics, here is a complete checklist of everything you will need complete with links – make sure you are ready before your big night!

99% Alcohol

99% Alcohol (also know as IPA) is very useful for prosthetic applications. It can be used to clean the skin and the back of your prosthetic before applying adhesive to make sure you get a lasting bond, and it’s also used with alcohol activated paint palettes to create washes of colour. You can buy 99% alcohol in pharmacies and also from Amazon UK and Amazon US and you can see 5 Techniques for Painting Prosthetics in our tutorial post.


Talcum Powder

Talcum Powder (baby powder) is available from any supermarket or local store. It can be sponged lightly onto cream makeup (like the makeup palette in our Zombie Prosthetic Makeup Kit) to help ‘set’ the paint, and it can also be used to map out the location of your prosthetics. Offer up your prosthetic and get a clear idea of where you are going to apply it, then tap around the edge with a little talc on a sponge; this will leave a ‘ghosted’ area on the skin so you know exactly where to apply adhesive and a good visual clue as to where the prosthetic needs to be when it’s finally time to stick it down.


Prosthetic Adhesive

If you are applying gelatine prosthetics, you will need our Prosthetic Adhesive. If you are applying our reusable silicone prosthetics, you need to use NimbaFix. You can also use NimbaFix on gelatine prosthetics for an extra strong bond or if you are applying in a difficult area, like around the mouth.

Prosthetic Adhesive
Our Prosthetic Adhesive is safe for use on the skin

Gelatine Blender

Gelatine Blender is only used on gelatine prosthetics. It gently melts the thin edge of your prosthetic when its applied to your skin to create an invisible blend. It can be warmed slightly in the microwave (warm, not hot!) to accelerate the process, but don’t use too much as it will eat into the prosthetic too much making it impossible to blend.

Gelatine Blender
Gelatine Blender is used for gelatine prosthetic only

Sil-Blend Paste

Sil-Blend Paste is for creating invisible seams with our reusable silicone prosthetics. Mix part A and part B equally and apply to the edge of your prosthetic, smoothing it into the skin. It will set and bond itself to the edge of your prosthetic and should create a flawless finish.

Sil-Blend Silicone Blending Paste

Makeup Sealer

Makeup Sealer is an optional product, but we highly recommend using it, especially on larger makeups. After you have applied and blended your prosthetic, sponge a layer of Makeup Sealer onto both the prosthetic and the skin to create a uniform surface to apply paint to – it will help you to create a perfect blend.

Makeup Sealer
Makeup Sealer is a great way to get a perfect finish on your application

Makeup Palette and Brushes

To paint your prosthetics, you will need to use a makeup palette. We sell 2 types; our Perfect Palette 2.0 which is a standard range of tones for general use, and a Wound Colours Palette which contains perfect tones for painting muscle, wounds, fat and bone. Both are activated using 99% alcohol.

You will need brushes and sponges to paint your prosthetic – we sell a complete set of 10 Makeup Brushes and you can use basic sponge and foam available from any supermarket.

Makeup palette

Adhesive remover

Prosthetic Adhesive Remover can be used for both Prosthetic Adhesive and NimbaFix. While it’s not vital to the makeup process, you may be wishing you had some to hand after your Halloween party. Adhesives are very sticky and can take a lot of warm, soapy water to remove. The adhesive remover is applied to the glue and left to soak in for a few minutes, breaking it down so it can be wiped away more easily.

Prosthetic Adhesive Remover
Prosthetic Adhesive Remover is very useful after the fancy dress party!

You can also consider…

Special FX Blood will be needed if you are doing gore effects, and you can also buy specific quantities of adhesive, blender, remover and sealer in our kits. Our Small Prosthetic Application Kit is great for a few small pieces, our Large Prosthetic Application Kit is better for more complex prosthetics and our Complete FX Makeup Artist Kit includes everything you need for a full application in one pack.

FX Kit
Our Complete FX Makeup Artist Kit has all the materials you need for a full prosthetic application

Got a makeup FX question or comment?

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