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How to Make a Safe Arrow Prop

Our Arrow Wound Prosthetic looks great in combination with this prop. We never recommend using add-ons made out of wood, metal or hard plastic in conjunction with a prosthetic (there are a lot of people out there using sharp edged coke cans, CDs or even pieces of glass to enhance their appliances!) as a fall or bump could end in you injuring yourself severely.

Here are step-by-step instructions to build an arrow that is easy to make, lightweight and safe, and will make the final effect thoroughly gruesome.

safe arrow prop

You will need:

  • Paper straws
  • Thin card
  • Paper
  • Glue (a contact adhesive such as superglue is best)
  • Paints (silver and whatever colour you would like to use on the arrow shaft and flights)
  • Scissors
  • Grey Primer (optional)
  • Graphite powder (optional)

safe arrow prop

First, cut out 3 shapes for your arrow flights from the thin card. After you have cut the first flight, use it as a template for the others to make sure they are all identical.

safe arrow prop

Next, cut a corner off your sheet of paper, roll it into a small cone and secure it with a little glue. Flatten the cone down then cut the bottom edge to make a triangle. Make sure that the cone (which is now the point of your arrow) fits well over the paper straw and isn’t too large (you can have a few attempts at this).

safe arrow prop

Now, cut down your paper straw into lengths, one to be the ‘flights end’ of your arrow and one to be the ‘arrowhead end’. Don’t make these too long, remember that the arrow is supposed to be going through a part of your body; make them too lengthy and your arrow will end up looking too long and very unconvincing! Glue on your flights and arrowhead, and paint the whole thing in one uniform colour (we recommend using a grey primer so your next layers of paint apply well, but you can use any neutral colour paint you have to hand).

safe arrow prop

Now the fun begins! Paint the shaft of the arrow in a light cream colour, use bright, vibrant colours for the flights (using a colour for two flights and a different one for the last flight looks more realistic; a lot of arrows use the different coloured flight to show the archer which way is ‘up’ on their arrow, so it will look extra convincing) and paint a few stripes around each section of the straw. Paint the arrowhead silver, and if you have graphite powder rub some in after the paint job is finished to give an extra metallic look.

If you want to go all the way, you can even cut a ‘nock’ into the straw behind the flight (see the red section in the photo above, the nock is where an archer places the string on the arrow).

Now you’re done, you should have a safe arrow to add to the Arrow Wound Prosthetic that only weighs a few grams and won’t hurt you if you take a bump and as a great plus point, won’t weigh down the prosthetic!

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Try it this Halloween!

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