Zombie Head Model Kit

1:1 Scale Zombie Head Model Kit

This Zombie Head Model Kit includes a full size unpainted silicone dummy head, blank eye spheres and a severed neck ‘stump’ to allow you to create the ultimate zombie display / Halloween prop.

Colour matched two-part silicone is also included in the kit for filling trimmed seams for a perfect finish.

The head has been designed, sculpted and cast using the same techniques and materials used for movie props, which means your finished severed head will be the same standard as any Hollywood horror film. This will make a superb model making project which will give you a stunning display prop that is second to none.

The sculpt was executed by Tom Lauten, who has over 30 years experience as a creature designer for visionaries such as Peter Jackson and Dick Smith. Watch Toms videos for tips on various paint jobs. The head can be painted using our Perfect Palette 2.0.

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