Bald Head Gelatine
Bald Cap

Bald Head Gelatine 250g

This Bald Head gelatine is used to slick down hair to create a bald effect – particularly disturbing when combined with mutant, trauma or burn effect prosthetics – just add hot water. 250g will cover approx. two thirds of the head on a person with short hair

This gelatine is not suitable for casting prosthetics. Try our Prosthetic Gelatine for casting purposes.

INSTRUCTIONS; Test on small area of skin before use; if any adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use. When melted, always test temperature of gelatine before using on skin. Do not boil. Gelatine can be removed from the hair with warm, soapy water in a shower or bath. Do not use with hair extensions. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid eye and mouth areas. External use only.

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