prosthetic texture pads
prosthetic texture pads

Gelatine Transfer Pads (Medium Texture)

This set of Gelatine Transfer Pads allows you to cover large areas of skin to create burns, distortions and uneven skin. Ideal for creating zombie and wound FX, or use them in conjunction with our other prosthetics to create full head coverage for an extensive look.

Transfer Pads

This pack features our medium texture selection made out of soft, flexible silicone – you can also try our Heavy Texture Pads and Fine Texture Pads for a variety of depths to produce a more comprehensive finish.

Simply melt our Professional Grade Gelatine and smear into the transfer pad, then allow to cool to  skin safe temperature (check this thoroughly before applying), then press against the skin firmly and peel the pad away slowly.

You will be left with a highly detailed area of gelatine that conforms perfectly to the skin.

Watch the video below to see how to use these pads to get a flawless, full head effect.

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Gelatine Transfer Pads for Prosthetic Applications

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