Silicone Blending Paste
Silicone Prosthetic Blender

Sil-Blend Silicone Blending Paste

Sil-Blend a silicone prosthetic blending paste used to blend the edges of our appliances into the skin. Simply mix the A and B pastes together and smooth along the edge of the prosthetic to create a flawless transition into the skin.

✓ Easy to use
✓ Creates perfect seams

Silicone Blending Paste

Use Sil-Blend with any of our reusable silicone prosthetics and get a professional look.

INSTRUCTIONS; Mix part A and part B in equal parts and stir thoroughly. Apply to the edge of the prosthetic and smooth onto the skin to create a seamless blend. Leave to set, then apply makeup as usual. Test Sil-Blend on a small area before use, if any adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use. Keep out of reach of children and avoid eye and mouth areas.

Code: SBP1


Silicone Prosthetics, Masks & Displays

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