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Werewolf / Elf Ears Prosthetics

These Werewolf Elf Ears Prosthetics are a fantastic way to make an eye-popping transformation with a simple application! Works great in combination with our Silicone Werewolf Prosthetic or Gelatine Werewolf Prosthetic. For an ideal application of this these pieces, we recommend using our NimbaFix Silicone Prosthetic Adhesive for a strong hold.

✓ Simple prosthetics, big transformation
✓ Looks great with or without hair
✓ Designed to fit a wide range of ear shapes

prosthetic ears

This prosthetic is cast in professional grade gelatine with micro fine edges that can be blended away with our Gelatine Blender.

Watch the video below for complete instructions on how to apply this prosthetics – you can also find an easy to follow general application guide in this blog post.

Code: WEP1-1


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