Winter Walker Mask

Custom ‘Winter Walker’ Silicone Mask & Display Bust

The Winter Walker Mask is a one-off piece based on our Survivor mask, hand crafted by Tom Lauten to give a frosty, bleached out look. The hair is hand laid and the winter colours give this mask a unique look, and it also comes complete with a display bust which means this will be great for both wearing and will look fantastic sitting on your shelf. This is a one time custom build which will not be repeated, so this is your chance to own a mask like no other.

The silicone skin has been reinforced with 4-way mesh in key areas to ensure that with care, it can give you years of use. Eyes/contact lenses not included.

With microscopic attention to detail in every wound and pore of skin texture, each hand painted mask will look amazing on display and truly terrifying when worn; this is the only mask that will make you look like you just walked off a Hollywood film set.

The sculpt was executed by Tom Lauten (who paints and signs each mask personally) with over 30 years experience as a creature designer for visionaries such as Peter Jackson and Dick Smith.




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