gelatine grade 2

Grade 2 Gelatine 160g

These gelatine blocks are created using excess from our prosthetic castings.

They can be used for direct application FX, filling holes or seams on your prosthetic applications or for smoothing down patches of hair for full head effects. We do not recommend using this gelatine for casting prosthetics as it may be not have the same strength and stability as our Professional Grade Gelatine, but this is a great, economical way to use the material for a more complex overall effect.

This gelatine will work perfectly with our Fine, Medium and Heavy Texture Gelatine Transfer Pads.

Simply melt gently in a microwave or in a cooking pot (making sure it never gets close to boiling). The gelatine can be re-melted many times for multiple uses.

INSTRUCTIONS; If being used for direct application, test on small area of skin before use; if any adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use. When melted, always test temperature of gelatine before using on skin. Do not boil. Protective clothing should be worn when handling hot gelatine. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid eye and mouth areas. External use only.

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